‘Cause I miss you whenever I have trouble
Tell myself not to be like this hundred times
Know that I couldn’ believe in truth that you gone
Persuade, whisper, break my dream, shallow my ridiculous hope
Never be the same
Like Johnny Depp vs Winona
Like a rose in the early age
Could not show the world how beautiful it could be
In stead of show ’em every terrible feelings
Between us
It’s not so hard if
You did not keep something I loved for me
In your secret locker
Something you were afraid could be stolen
But I was scared of its melting
And it occurs like an ice – cream
I cried
When saw a short film about a shy porcupine
Like I saw myself
Hopeless in a crowd of ‘friends’ that call
Feel me little than a little tiny creature
Family I used to think
And you could be the one
But you’re not
Say goodbye is not enough
My foot are bloating like it’s a fish tale
I could not control it, leave myself float like a boat
After two years in the dark cliff
Accept myself that it was a fairytale
Of a Prince and a Cinderella girl
Should not make myself believe in it
Too much, that’s too much for me
Now you’re still brighter than ever
Like the sun in the top of Olympus
Mr Zues with all power, flawless lighting and twinkle twinkle crown
But you’re alone
Alone with your soul, I wish that I knew it
I uses to think I’d be the one that make you calm
But oh no
You never need to calm
You only need your own space to empower yours
And I have no role, no meaning in your place
You know that, I cannot take it by myself
You talk to me by a language that nobody else knows

And you were the source of every silly single thought in my mind

But in the last stage, I figured out it was all about me

Feel shame ’bout who I could not be

Be a shining girl beside you?


Shouldn’t lose myself for that

Too expensive

Run away and keep my low key

Self – esteem fall to all pieces when you are there

Not feel safe and sound, not feel like me again

That hurts, but hurt for the good purpose

I should have that experience, to be braver to drag down my mask

Thank you! And no see you again!

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