Well, where should I start? Ok now, so who is Janna? She is the most beautiful Chinese lady I ever met. She is so kind, her softly voice really make us melted. And she always smile. She helps us as best as she can. Everything I know about our trainers are all brilliant things. We’re so lucky to have them beside.

And the most thing makes I love her so much is she surprisingly said that “Each time I look at you, you smile and your smile is so sweet Summer!”, I just so melted! <3 <3 <3

Then, she also told it again with my brother, and emphasized “Oh, you want Bun. Ok cool, let’s eat together. I’d like you, Summer. I really like you.” I’m so in love with you, too.

I realized that I’m so lucky to have my fantastic colleagues around me, always care about me, always keep eyes on me, like I’m their family. Love all around, that’s what I have received these days.

Life is so sweet to have all of you guys.

Last time before we said goodbye, Janna didn’t forget to hug me and call me “Sweet Summer”. OMG how can I stop loving her? 🙂

Wish you all the best although you are already the best, said Kome.

To all of who can read this post: wish you a happy weekend and wish that you will feel like with your family while doing your job.


Prefer music for this night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yW7w8F2TVA

Why should I stop loving you, Janna? 😀 :X

4 Replies to “I love you Janna!!”

    1. Thanks for quoting again my favorite compliment, Janna really is a beautiful fairy that I should you could meet her ^^

    1. Your word really save my day Kany 🙂 Thanks!!!!!!!!!
      Yes, I wish that I could meet her more ^^
      Anw, thanks for reaching out this site so regularly Kany!

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