These days I am thinking about my career. It’s just a very big topic that I don’t know where to start, but I really think that I need to be more seriously about it. Today he said me that ‘don’t try’, I upset about it. Even I spent much time to reproduce the case, I could not understand them. How can anyone help me on this?

I went home earlier than everyday, thought that if I stay, it could not be better. I wish that, I could tell him about everything I get today. But I could not.

Arrived home, I saw my father is siting tiredly on the bed with Sushi :)), just a funny scene. I realized that my father always tries his best to take care of everyone in family. I could not upset anymore, I did some housework since I have not chance to do if I come home late.

Still, I wish I could meet my mentor of life, who can show me which direction I could step on. Then, I spent time to watch film “10 things I hate about you”, such a cute film. The main characters are cool, and they are so genuine that make me feel that the life is still beautiful.

I should sleep early.

P/S: Wish that who read this words will get more luck tomorrow ^^

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    1. Actually he’s not from App team Kany ^^. Nevermind, it was not bullying, I was just a little sensitive, he wanted to help but I was asking for try one time more without any exact outcome, so he said that to keep me calm and he helped me much on this problem to solve it right now.
      Thanks for your worrying, I’ll improve myself to have a better knowledge, so less people could got a headache ’cause of me 😛
      ^^ Wish you a great day Kany!

      1. Now I guess the case and the man who helped you. It is a hard case, out of your scope of work. Keep improving what you want to know just ask people when needed. We are here to cover each other.

        1. Uhm you’re right. But through this case, I have learnt a lot ^^, and one more time I learnt that keep swimming always work 🙂
          Yeah, I’m so proud that I have all of you guys, SO WONDERFUL COLLEAGUES THAT I EVER HAVE!!!!!
          Thanks for your reaching out today 😀 😀

          1. You are too good, Summer. Again you volunteer to take a case that all Asia and US teams don’t want to do it anymore. I wish I could be more positive like you.

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