I always question for everything around me, until I got the satisfied answer. Sometimes I surprised for my outcome, sometimes I thought that I could always predict the result 🙂 (just kidding). But, even it makes me feel bad or not, I have to face the truth that this is the life. I have no power to change it, especially my past.

Time flies, day by day I recognize that there are so much more interesting things are waiting for me to explore them. But most of them comes to me in very unexpected moments, sometimes I thought they were my destiny: this job, this event, this book, this people, etc,…

Then, when things went not as my wish, I feel so doubt about my life, about what am I supposed to do now? I almost lost my control each time some tiny things are not in the right place.

After more experiences, I can go to conclude that: everything just happen in random way, like millions of aspect, to be tested and tried, then make the random interaction, some become a fragile thing, some vanish in the air, some still exist, but no one could aware that it still in this Earth 🙂

And, think this way make me feel lighter, it encourage me about the prospects of all my abilities.

Fighting, little girl, you finally will find yours.

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