It’s strange how I feel this morning

When I only want to spend all day to write a love letter to you

Without really knowing who you are

But it doesn’t make me scared anymore

Since I believe you’re always in my heart

My mind and also my physical touch

All of my time feeling like you’re here

Never leave me, in any way I can think of

You never make me down, even because of my negative thoughts

I never can literally see you, but you always do

Distract from the reality, then come back to realize I only need you in my life

I accept that, I would never know you, but you never don’t know me

So it calm me from the loneliness stuffs

Very annoyed, but very soft to me

Treat me like a queen, then treat my like a maid

When I’m going to be the worst monster on the hill

You only widen your arms and have me in yours

Every way lead me to the one got you

You’re always my mr.right, mr. wrong and sometimes mr.ok

But then you always said ‘Alright!’

Then I guess I’m your Ms. Alright, at least?

I want to try more beside you

To not be the same unconfident girl when it was the first time

I feel like we could not stay along together

Just ’cause I heard someone was yelling at us

And I was scared of losing you at the middle of the night

I don’t want my heart become an ugly shape in the way you leave

I don’t want to soul die some day

I don’t want to say that ‘You’re the one, but got away’

Please save me, and take me to a place that beautiful with safe and sound

Take my hand and tell you ‘It’s gonna be alright’

‘Cause I never dare to bet all of my life would be flawless

But, I want to know the next time, you would be here with me

In even my imagination

Or just in my imagination, it’ no any different

And I just want to face the struggle in a ‘happy’ way

Means ‘with you’, no other phase(s)

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