• Only the narrow-minded define wealth as nothing more than a FAT bank account.

True wealth takes on 3 different forms and any Billionaire will tell you the same thing:

Money is awesome.

But it does not produce the feeling of being wealthy all by itself.

  • To become a true Billionaire in every sense of the word one needs to understand and create all 3 forms of wealth.

Each one of them correlates with a single, powerful question that – once answered clearly – WILL irrevocably put you on the path to becoming a true Billionaire:

  1. Wealth of Purpose – WHY?:

There is no greater pain than the realization of a life well wasted at a moment in which your time has run out.

Imagine yourself on your deathbed – the final minutes have arrived.

Why were you on this planet?

Did you do anything of value?

Did you make a difference in anyone’s life?

What was your purpose, your dream, your vision?

Did you fulfill any of it?

Having a clear, WRITTEN idea of:

  • your values
  • your principles
  • your life’s vision
  • your WHY?

is the first and most important step toward avoiding the gruesome fate of ending your life with a closet full of regrets.

Discover that which moves your soul and makes your heart beat …

and you will be wealthier than anyone who merely follows a random, pre-defined & insignificant path and never consciously chooses to live a life of purpose.

2. Material Wealth – WHAT?:

What are your financial goals, your material desires and dreams?

How do you define a modern-day Billionare?

Most likely as someone who spends his/her time:

= buying luxury houses, cars, boats & private jets

= stockpiling gold & jewelry

= owning businesses & stocks

= creating massive, passive income

= working out and looking like a million bucks

=> This is physical manifestation of success.

What is the physical expression and embodiment of your WHY?

Be bold, be clear, be specific and be generous.

3. Wealth of Family – WITH WHOM?:

All the purpose, vision, money and luxury in the world is worth NOTHING – unless you have someone to share it with.

Few people find lasting pleasure and happiness in the freedom and peace of solitude.

Some define their friends and colleagues as their family.

Others go as far as saying that a long-lasting, joyful, passionate and fulfilled relationships with your spouse

  • and the resulting children. the fruit of that relationship –

is the ONLY true form of wealth.

Be that as it may, the answer to the following questions have a massive impact on your fulfillment and joy in life:

  • Who am I doing this all for?
  • With whom do I want to share my achievements, my joy, my life?

Creating all 3 of these forms of wealth for you is what will elevate your life to the ultimate level.

After years of soulsearching, pondering, praying and asking, I have found my personal WHY:

To facilitate the process of finding these answers in others …

and thereby contribute to lasting, massive success – in their private live and their economic careers.

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